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About Us

Nicholas Investment Partners, L.P. (“Nicholas”) is 100%, employee-owned and 55% women-owned investment boutique focused on investing in dynamic, less efficient markets such as US small- and mid-cap equities and convertible bonds. Its performance-driven and client-focused culture is centered on building lasting and value-added relationships by remaining a small, focused investment firm working with a select group of clients and consultants. 

Nicholas believes, and its principals’ 30+ years of experience has confirmed, that investing in successful, growing companies—ones that manage change advantageously and are poised to exceed expectations—has the potential to result in outstanding capital appreciation. The source of positive change can be a new product, competitive advantage, regulatory change or a management change. The investment team determines if the positive change is sustainable by reviewing its long-term earnings potential, financial strength and quality of management. The team also confirms the timeliness of the investment by reviewing the stock’s relative price strength, market sentiment and economic factors impacting the company.

Nicholas believes its edge comes from combining global fundamental equity and credit research with the objectivity and efficiency of quantitative analytics. Nicholas’ investment philosophy and process is well-suited to the more dynamic, less widely followed small- and mid-capitalization market segments where experienced investors can better identify whether positive change is sustainable and investible. 

Nicholas is led by Managing Partner and CIO Catherine Nicholas and has 16 employees averaging 25 years of industry experience. 10 of the firm’s 16 employees, including six of its eight partners, worked together at a prior firm. Nicholas was founded and registered as an investment adviser with the SEC in March 2006, and is headquartered in San Diego County, CA.




Ownership: 100% Employee Owned; 55% Women-Owned

Assets: $1,432 million

Professionals: 16

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