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Why choose Nic Partners

  • Philosophy
  • Process
  • Continuity
  • Experience


“We believe and our experience has confirmed that investing in successful, growing companies – those that manage change advantageously and are poised to exceed expectations – has the potential to result in capital appreciation.”


“Our process combines bottom-up, traditional, fundamental analysis with proprietary quantitative research. It continually drives clients’ portfolios towards holdings demonstrating positive change, sustainability and timeliness.”


“Continuity with 12 of our 16 professionals having worked together for an average of over two decades. Our portfolio managers and internal research analysts have built a broad research network of experienced external analysts and company management contacts worldwide over the last 20+ years.”


“Most of the senior members of our firm started working together over 25 years ago at our prior firm where our founders oversaw more than $40 billion in several asset classes for pension funds, endowments, foundations and financial advisors around the world.”

About Us

Nicholas Investment Partners, L.P. (“Nicholas”) is 100%, employee-owned and 55% women-owned investment boutique focused on investing in dynamic, less efficient markets such as US small- and mid-cap equities and convertible bonds. Its performance-driven and client-focused culture is centered on building...

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Our Approach

Our experience has shown us that investing in successful, growing companies—ones that manage change advantageously and are poised to exceed expectations—has the potential to result in capital appreciation. The drivers of this positive change could be a new product, competitive advantage, regulatory change or...

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We specialize in dynamically growing small- and mid-cap companies offering different portfolios designed to suit a variety of investor needs. - Over 30 years of experience investing in dynamic growth companies whose revenues and earnings are catalyzed by positive change and where the resulting acceleration of growth is sustainable and...

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